Investigation and Oversight

We dedicate ourselves to rigorous investigation and oversight of the UFO phenomenon and related human encounters. We actively watch AARO and undertake tasks highlighted in Senate Bill 4503, aimed at understanding unidentified phenomena.

We foster broad dialogue on profound questions arising from the potential discovery of extraterrestrial life. Our aim is to explore these intricate issues using diverse human worldviews and disciplines while considering the potential societal impacts.

Sharing a New Worldview

We are committed to formulating a new worldview that accepts the existence of highly-advanced, non-human species within our galaxy. Our goal is to effectively disseminate this new perspective to universities, religious institutions, governments, and the global population.


On December 17th of 2017, The New York Times published a front page article publicly announcing that the United States Pentagon had released three official “UFO videos” taken by our U.S. F-18 Super-Hornet Jet Fighters off the East Coast and West Coast of our country. This article also revealed that our United States Defense Department had been secretly investigating The UFO Phenomenon since 2007…and that the U.S. Government officials involved in supervising this investigation shared the judgment that these UFOs were “extraterrestrial” in origin.

The Director of this secret Government UFO investigation, Luis Elizondo, soon thereafter, reached out to our Romero Institute President & General Counsel, Attorney Daniel Sheehan, and asked Attorney Sheehan to legally represent Mr. Elizondo to protect him from any unlawful government retaliation for his having revealed the existence of these three official UFO videos to The New York Times.

Since being retained by Mr. Elizondo, Romero Institute President Daniel Sheehan has worked with Mr. Elizondo and a number of additional former U.S. Government Officials – including the former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence in the securing of the passage of U.S. Senate Bill 4503 and Section 703 of the December 23, 2022 United States National Defense Authorization Act of 2022.

Through this Act, the United States Congress has now mandated – and President Biden has ordered – the creation of a new official U.S. Government Office ordered to gather and provide to Congress ALL of the information obtained by: all of our U.S. Government military services; all of our U.S. Defense Department Agencies; all of our U.S. Government Intelligence Agencies; and all of our U.S. Government Corporate Contractors concerning The UFO Phenomenon since January 1 st of 1945. And the Roman Catholic Vatican has now issued an Official Statement calling upon all laypersons to commence “an important discussion of the profound philosophical and theological questions posed to our human family by the now-anticipated discovery of the existence of life elsewhere in our Universe.”

What We Will Achieve

The New Paradigm Institute, an auxiliary of the Romero Institute renowned for its public interest law and policy accomplishments, is dedicated to comprehensive investigation and oversight of the UFO phenomenon. We are committed to fostering broad citizen discussions on profound philosophical, theological, and sociological questions posed by potential life elsewhere in the universe.

In collaboration with our oversight of the U.S. Congressional Office tasked to investigate the UFO phenomenon, we undertake tasks delegated by Senate Bill 4503, aimed at understanding these unexplained phenomena. Our mission is to identify potential answers to these profound questions from varied human worldviews, and to develop a new paradigm that acknowledges the existence of non-human intelligence in our galaxy.

Ultimately, we aim to effectively convey this new worldview to our planet’s universities, religious institutions, secular governments, and people worldwide.

Now is the pivotal moment

Seal of the United States Congress

In this admittedly lengthy report, of particular interest to our mission are the following sections, which are directly related to the definitions of and reporting processes surrounding UAPs.

Sec. 702. Report by Public Interest Declassification Board.

Sec. 703. Modification of requirement for office to address unidentified aerospace-undersea phenomena.

Sec. 704. Unidentified aerospace-undersea phenomena reporting procedures.

Sec. 705. Comptroller General of the United States compilation of unidentified aerospace-undersea phenomena records.

Daniel Sheehan

In this video, New Paradigm Institute co-founder, Daniel Sheehan, discusses our current evolution as a civilization and a species, outlining a path forward. This speech, and others like it, paved the way for the formation of the New Paradigm Institute in many ways.

It was recorded in 2015 at Contact in the Desert, the world’s largest UFO conference, which is held annually in Indian Wells, CA.  Daniel will return to the conference this year, to present on all of the exciting developments since. 

Our partners

By the Numbers

Project Blue Book UFO Reports 1948-1969
AARO UAP Reports July-December 2022

In Our Founder’s Words

Lue Elizondo and Chris Mellon came forward back in 2017 December and revealed to the world on the front pages of the New York Times that UFOs are real and that the United States Pentagon knows that they’re real, that they’ve been concealing this for decades.

Danny Sheehan

Fade to Black, 2022

We have been devoted for 75 years into trying to convince people that UFOs were real, and convince people that they’re extraterrestrial. We’re right on the brink of being able to get that confirmed by what average people have been trained to understand are authoritative sources, one of which is the Defense Department…what we’re in the process of doing now is trying to get more and more authoritative sources to come in…to say, look, the time has come to get our people of our planet educated about this.

Danny Sheehan

Open Minds, 2021

I’m trying to bring together everyone who has an interest in knowing what’s really going on with the UFOs. Everybody who has a legitimate interest in knowing who the occupants are, everybody who has a legitimate interest in knowing what their agenda is, what they’re up to here. Why is it they’re not telling us about themselves?

Danny Sheehan

Open Minds, 2022